Agarwood, Gaharu, Chén-xiang (??), Jin-koh (??), or Oud (???) is the most precious wood in the world. It is even called "Wood of Gods". The use of agarwood is dated as early as 600 AD in various Kingdoms of the world by the Emperor, Royal Families, Noblemen and the Wealthies for medicinal, fragrant and spiritual purposes. Due to the rarity and high price of Agarwood, the nature reserve of Agarwood producing species (Aquilaria) has been compulsively harvested and caused the Aquilaria species to be enlisted in the Endangered Species list in CITES subsequently causing shortage and inconsistency of the world supply.

Our company, Gaharu Technologies Sdn. Bhd. was established to commercialize and produce agarwood products in a sustainable way. With the advancement of bio-technology today, we have successfully and genetically produce seedlings from proven and high quality resinous Aquilaria trees that can be induced to produce Agarwood within 6 to 10 years.

To date, our group company owns and manages a plantation situated near Gopeng, Perak where we have planted approximately 200,000 trees covering more than 300 acres (the figures are still growing). We are encouraging people and investors to plant and venture into this promising and lucrative business while preserving the Aquilaria species for future generations.