The three studies mentioned above dates the early settlement and names the pioneers who settled in Kampar. All three studies agree and concude that the discovery of tin as a valuable mineral at the time was amongst the main factor that encouraged the exploration into Kampar.

Arkib Negara's (National Archives) resources prove that Kampar was officially opened in 1886 based on the minutes stated in file ref. KLO 523/1900's regarding overdue quit rent from the Sultan. Eventhough the archives do not specify the names of the pioneers, it is assumed that they are amongst the royalty or amongst the aristocrats with close connection to the palace, and it has been established that Ngah Jabor indeed has family ties with the palace, particularly with Sultan Idris.
From Datuk Hashim's article and En Chye Kooi Loong's research, it can be deduced that amongst the pioneers were Imam Prang Jabor and his followers in and around 1886 and 1887.