Plan Approval & License Application

Plan Approval Guidelines

Engineering & Technical Department

  1. Applications for approval must be submitted to the Council prior to any building being erected
  2. Consideration will only be given to applications with plans prepared by a registered draughtsman, architect or a qualified engineering consultant.
  3. Types of application available are for new buildings, reconstruction, extension to buildings, housing schemes, factories, towers etc.
  4. All applications must contain the following:

              i.    Duly signed Form ‘A’

             ii.    Copy of Ownership/ Tenancy/ Site Rent (where relevant);

            iii.    Copy of Assessment Tax and Quit Rent;

            iv.    Official Certificate of Search

             v.    Complete set of plans based on type of application including copies

  1. Applicable fees:

              i.    Plan processing fee based on the calculation as per Table 1, Building By-Laws;

             ii.    Drainage contribution - RM280.00

            iii.    Placement for construction materials permit - RM108.00

            iv.    Approval signage plate - RM25.00

             v.    Trash cans - RM60.00

  1. Timelines for approval are subject to the type of application, which is:

              i.    Less than 1 month for renovation/ extension works applications;

             ii.    2 months for individual applications (residence)

            iii.    3 months for shops, housing scheme and factory applications

  1. During the application process, the relevant plans will be forwarded to the respective technical departments for review.

License Application Guidelines

Health Department

Methods for applying special business license:-

1.     Application form

2.     Copy of Identity Card - 1 copy

3.     Passport size photo - 3 copies

4.     Copy of Business Registration Certificate - 1 copy

5.     Copy of Premise Assessment Tax - 1 copy

6.     Agreement/ Permission Letter (if applicable)

7.     Picture/ sketch of advertisement with size dimensions (if applicable)

8.     Copy of grant/ Temporary Occupancy License (TOL) - 1 copy (if applicable)

9.     Certificate of Fitness (CF)/ Temporary Building Permit - 1 copy (if applicable)

10. Food Handling Certificate (for food entrepreneurs) - 1 copy (if applicable)

11. Application fee of RM 27.00

                  i.    Form = RM2.00

                 ii.    Processing = RM 20.00

                iii.    Advertisement = RM 5.00

12. Copy of Quit Rent - 1 copy

13. Location plan

14. Floor plan