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Operation and Control Area

The Kampar has been gazetted as a local government on December 1st 1979 effective with the Government Gazzette PK.PU dated 24th March 1981. The Kampar District Council consist of a land area of 109.65 per sq km, i.e. 10,965 hectares that has been categorised into two main area:

a)    Operational Area the size of 23.37 per square km consists of 11 main areas which are:

  • Kampar
  • Gopeng
  • Malim Nawar
  • Mambang Diawan
  • Tronoh Mines
  • Kuala Dipang
  • Jeram
  • Sungai Siput
  • Lawan Kuda
  • Kopisan
  • Kota Baharu

b)    Controlled Areas

An area of 86.28 per sq/km is under controlled development.