On April 24, 2012 was held Morning Assembly No. 2/2012 and the Ceremony Courtesy Series 2 kilo bag. Morning Assembly program content is the launch of Inter-Departmental Innovation Competition (PIAJ). The purpose of this competition is to collect all the proposed innovations from all departments in Kampar District Council and provide exposure or an opportunity for the members to brainstorm ideas to take innovation to the state department.

Mr. President, Haji Abdul Hakim B. Haji Ibrahim has been delivering innovation contest entry forms to all Heads of Department and briefed innovation and competition rules were presented by the Secretary, Mr. Nor Akmal B. That Ghazali. Successful extension program kilo Courtesy Campaign in 2011, the program again in 2012, Campaign for Courtesy kilo Series 2.

With this campaign, it can help those in need. The council aims to deliver kilo bags Courtesy Campaign Series 2 to donors. Among those who received these bags are the representatives of the Heads of Government Departments Kampar District, MDKpr Council Members, Members MDKpr MMS, banks, supermarkets, universities / colleges, petrol stations, contractors, NGOs and individuals.