Praise be to Allah, as it is with His blessing that we are able to publish the MD Kampar homepage for the benefit of all.  This homepage is a communication tool through the internet which aims to connect the Kampar District Council with the public, and is in line with the government’s call to increase the use of information communication technology within government agencies.

With the district rapid development, MDKpr website will be the centre for information that can be beneficial to all, in meeting the current trend on delevopments and planning in the Kampar District in general and specifically in Kampar District Council.

MDKpr always strives to improve the management system towards the development of Kampar district in an effort to create a developed, comfortable, safe and harmonious city.

On behalf of MDKpr, I welcome comments and constructive criticism from customers and am prepared to accept views and ideas to further improve this website and our services towards prosperity especially for the residents of Kampar District,

MDKpr Staff and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to you for suu the surfing our website. We will do our outmost to provide you with the best service.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Khairul Amir bin Mohamad Zubir, AMP.


Kampar District Council