THM compost

What is compost?

Compost or humus is mortal remnants who have suffered weathering, changing forms, such as land and odorless. Compost has a complete NPK nutrient content persentasenya though small. Compost also contains other compounds-compounds that are very beneficial for crops.

What are the benefits of compost?

Composting is like a multivitamin for land and crops. Compost improves soil physical and chemical characteristics. Composting will restore soil fertility. Hard soil will become more loose. Poor land will be fertile. Sour soil will become more neutral. Given compost plant is growing better and better quality than plants without composting.

Anything that can be composted?

In principle, all material derived from living creatures or organic material into compost. Seresah, foliage, grass trimmings, twigs, and wood waste can be turned into compost. Dirt cattle, animals, even human waste can be turned into compost. Compost from cattle dung is better known by the term manure. Food waste and animal carcasses can also be composted. There is a simple compost material, there is a relatively simple substance, and some compost confidential. Most of the organic material into compost. The material is quite simple alias pretty confidential compost include: wood, stems, and bamboo. The secret ingredient is compost among other wood , bone, hair, horns, and furs.

Making Effective fertilizer Microorganisme or EM

EM fertilizer is a organic fertilizer made through fermentation process using bacteria (microorganism) . Organic waste with EM process can be beneficial organic fertilizer improving soil quality.


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